Amelia Talon a Welcome Sight at the Door in Lacy Lingerie

Amelia Talon in Lacy LingerieHere’s every door-to-door salesman’s dream: you walk up to an otherwise unassuming bungalow. Ring the bell. The top half of the dual door opens … and there glamour model Amelia Talon in pink and black lacy lingerie. You can forget the sale though … because you’re now the one who’s buying.

Amelia goes into her full pitch: seductively removing her frilly bra baring her pert breasts. She toys with her garter belt as she slides it to the floor – leaving nothing but a small choker around her neck and sexy sheer black stockings.

She doesn’t need to do a thing more. You’re completely sold at this point. Amelia Talon is hands-down the sexiest woman on this block.

Catch this Amelia Talon lingerie striptease

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