Amelia Talon Performs Sexy Sofa Striptease

Amelia TalonNative American model Amelia Talon refers to herself as a “total nerd” and offers up as proof her love of all things Star Wars and being an avid World of Warcraft gamer. But instead of taped up eyeglasses and a pocket protector, she opts for black lace lingerie and tight thigh-high stockings.

Settled in on her couch, this erotic vixen from Seattle decides to settle in a bit more … taking of her grey sweater where we discover she isn’t wearing a bra. A lovely set of breasts emerge with nipples erect. Amelia stands up just long enough to slide down her frilly panties and smoothly sits back down. She teases with a few kicks of her nylon-encased legs, with a slight teasing reveal between her legs.

All primed up, she’s ready to get down to serious business. Okay now, where did she put that game controller?

See Amelia Talon in thigh-high stockings

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