Angelina Valentine Big Boobs in a Blue Bikini

Angelina Valentine in Blue BikiniThere’s no denying that Angelina Valentine has “bad girl” written all over her. And we mean that in a very good way. From her steamy glances, to her stacked 34DD-24-35 body, to her bold and beautiful body ink .. even where she lives .. Las Vegas, this is one deliciously wicked woman.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to get away and chill out from time to time. A trip to the ocean usually does the trick. Lying out on the ocean’s edge, Angelina stretches out in a skimpy blue bikini while the water laps up on her busty physique.

Her voluptuous curves make for some very sexy outlines on the wet sand indeed. A few hours soaking up rays, and Angelina is totally revived .. and ready to resume her kickass badass lifestyle.

Check out Angelina Valentine posing by the ocean

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