Ava Dawn Soaks her G-Cup Breasts in the Shower

Ava Dawn in the showerWe don’t know what they are doing up in British Columbia, Canada to produce scores of beautiful women. We just hope they keep doing it. Kelowa-born hottie Ava Dawn has graced the pages of Playboy with her bright smile and riveting 30G breasts, but today she’s just taking a shower – and inviting us along for the ride.

Grabbing the hand-held sprayer, Ava lets the small streams cascade down all her voluptuous curves. No question those droplets navigating her amazing chest have a very long trip ahead of them.

She then adds a bit of white, creamy bodywash to get those puppies extra clean. A quick rinse (up and down) caps it off. Who knew hygiene could be so sexy? Any one want to help her with the towel?

Enjoy Ava Dawn taking a shower

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