Daisy Watts Peels Away Tight Jeans and Satin Bra

Daisy Watts StripteaseDaisy Watts is an effervescent brunette from Middlesex who has a passion for red satin sheets and, of course, the Arsenal football club. Wearing skin-tight jeans she takes to her silky bedroom pitch and soon relieves herself of such confining attire – in the process, scoring major points with her fans.

Along with the jeans, Daisy’s cute bedazzled “kitty” shirt finds its way to the floor as well. Just a pastel pink bra and panties set remain. But with just a few ticks left on the clock, she pops off the bra – showcasing her winning C-cup breasts.

There’s no chance this curvy hottie gets relegated. Daisy Watts is premiere talent all the way.

See Daisy Watts strip in her bedroom

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