Hitomi Big Boobed Housesitter Makes Home a Paradise

Hitomi Big BoobsThe only thing we find odd about the delightful Japanese bombshell Hitomi behing a housesitter is .. well .. if she’s in your home, why would you want to leave?

Arriving at her latest assignment in a cleavage-busting tight yellow minidress, Hitomi needs to wear a large belt below her bustline just to hold those mammoth beauties up. She doesn’t get all the way through the front gate before she decides to make her all natural J-cups right at home.

Hitomi lets those large fleshy pillows get plenty of fresh air in the garden. Shame you won’t be home. No worries though. We’re sure they’ll be plenty of neighbors willing to make sure this busty gal never gets lonely.

See Hitomi showing her huge boobs outside

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