Holley Lara Yummy Fresh Face in Leopard Lingerie

Holley Lara Playboy Fresh FaceWord is that Holley Lara loves spending her free time baking tasty treats for her friends and family. That may be fine for them, but we much prefer looking at this luscious brunette’s delicious body.

With her tanned and tight figure, Holly is a lean slice of sexy goodness. Standing in front of a rippled glass partition, she pulls away her leopard-spotted halter-top bra just enough to expose her petite (but in no way tiny), shapely breasts.

Holly looks right at you with her clear, brown eyes and you feel it right down to your toes. This is one sweet honey, you’ll never get your fill of.

Couldn’t you just gobble her right up?

View sexy Holley Lara show her perky breasts

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