Lexi Bloom Brunette Nymphet Bares her Booty

Lexi Bloom Bares her Booty PhotosLexi Bloom blossoms with desire every time that we look at her. She has never failed to become more appealing with each and every photograph and that says a lot when the girl is already gorgeous from first glance.

Her naughty nature is apparent right away at the uncrossing of her legs. Once those shapely limbs begin straddling her chair, you know there is no going back. She moves full-steam ahead with turning up the heat and taking off the clothing.

The lace of her dress rises to rest at her waist and her black thong can be seen pressing up between her cheeks. She looks back and gives a sweet smile and then continues her show of skin by standing on stilettos and shedding her lingerie entirely.

Soft breasts with excited tips and her full round ass are presented. Lexi lets your eyes linger and never stops being amazingly sexy.

Check out Lexi Bloom and her sweet booty.

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