Lindsey Strutt Buxom Brunette in Bra and Pantyhose

Lindsey Strutt in Black PantyhoseLovely Lindsey Strutt makes a day at the office feel like a visit to paradise as she gets down to the business of getting naked. Forget about dealing with numbers, the only figure you will be interested in going over is hers!

Her big breasts push against the silk of her button front blouse and her sexy legs cross in black pantyhose and a knee-length skirt. She really works that superb shape of hers to full benefit.

A champion at teasing, Lindsey takes her time taking her office attire off. The sultry secretary sensually opens her blouse and presents abundant cleavage supported by a red bra. Once that comes off and her large boobs are allowed to hang free, she keeps removing clothing with mouthwatering results.

See busty Lindsey Strutt in black pantyhose

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