Lynda Hale Brings Out her Huge Boobs in the Laundry Room

Lynda Hale Busty Babe in the Laundry RoomWe’re not sure Lynda Hale considers Laundry Day her favorite day of the week, but it is quickly becoming ours – especially the way this busty brunette does it.

Standing by the front-loader, Lynda shows she’s plenty front-loaded herself – with a clean set of DDs – enough to put anyone’s brain on permanent spin.

Lynda pulls away the top of her sheer, black camisole and handles her eye-popping breasts as delicately as any gentle cycle. Careful not to crease, she leans back against the doorway for a good air drying.

Then again, a washing machine may not be needed. We’re sure Lynda will get plenty of volunteers to help her hand wash. Interested?

Check out busty Lynda Hale topless in the laundry room

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