Natasha Anastasia British Viven in Spotted Panties

Natasha Anastasia in Leopard Spotted PantiesNatasha Anastasia sounds as she might be Russian femme fatale in (enter your favorite spy movie here). But nope. She’s thoroughly British .. well, by way of Cyprus. Loves the pubs. Cheers for Arsenal.

You might let out a few yelps yourself as you check out this thin and shapely lass step out of her leopard spotted silk dress and show you the matching jungle panties underneath. Add to that a sinfully sexy set of black stockings and garter belt and even the most die-hard Man U fan will be tempted to join her in The Gunners club song.

Natasha keeps going – baring her soft, natural breasts and sits behind her dining room chair. Game on.

Check out Natasha Anastasia in leopard spotted panties

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