Samantha Saint Is Flawless Stripping Poolside

Looking at these flawless images of the always-exquisite Samantha Saint, it is hard to believe that the shoot did not go smoothly.

This was a difficult pictorial to shoot. The high clouds in the sky were blowing in front of the sun, which was changing the overall quality of the light by the minute. In addition to that, each time the sun was blocked, it seemed as if the temp would drop 10 degrees,sending Samantha into a chill. She’s a tough cookie though; she said it was tropical compared to the Colorado cold that she was dealing with just days before.

Maybe it is Samantha’s special mojo that led to the results being so outstanding despite the conditions. The way that she busts her luscious breasts free of her bikini top and works down her bikini bottoms over her fine round ass is nothing shy of spellbinding.

View Samantha Saint doing a perfect bikini strip

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