Sarah Nicola Randall Big Boobed Brunette Takes a Dip

Sarah Nicola Randall Big Boobed Brunette in the PoolAnother beauty who hails from Wales, Sarah Nicola Randall loves to get away to warmer climates. That way she has more opportunities to wear a bikini and display her mind-boggling and all natural 32H breasts.

Sitting poolside in a sexy yellow-striped two-piece, it’s easy to ogle all of Sarah’s voluptuous curves – an alluring arch from her enormous chest to her tight waist and tapered out just right to her hips and bottom. She’s a sexy geometry lesson in one eye-pleasing glance.

Since Sarah hates telltale bikini tanlines, she pops her top to let the sun work its bronzing power her massive upper shelf while the rest of her cools off in the clear water.

Check out Sarah Nicola Randall and her huge breasts in a swimming pool

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