September Carrino Zippered Swimsuit Can’t Hold JJ Breasts

September Carrino JJ BreastsWhen your measurements include the double letters “JJ”, you get used to certain things – like zippers that can’t stay up, or everyone you see having their jaws down on the floor. September Carrino is no stranger to either.

With a whopping set of 100% natural breasts (honest!), September doesn’t even try to have her black zippered swimsuit maintain its intended function. The suit is already unfastened down to her waist when she starts giving you multiple of angles of her enormous boobs.

September wouldn’t have it any other way though. Check out the wide grin on her face (note: you have to move your eyes up a bit .. you can do it .. that’s it). This is one woman who is proud of what nature gave her … and us!

See September Carrino whip out her huge breasts

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