Stacey Rae Big Soft Boobs in a Purple Sweater

Stacey Rae Busty LatinaIf you are a veteran of club and bar crawls, then you are certainly familiar with Purple Hooters. Slam a couple of PH shooters and you’ll definitely be needing a ride home. Now meet Stacey Rae as she whips out a very impressive set of hooters from her purple sweater. Not as alcoholic, but even more intoxicating.

A buxom latina with sultry eyes and a smokin’ hot body, Stacey keeps serving up shot after shot of her large, soft, natural breasts from a variety of equally dizzying poses.

It’s possible taking in too much Stacey at one time could out you down for the count. Then again, this may be one hangover you may not want to recover from.

Check out busty Stacey Rae in a purple sweater

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