Valerie Rae in a Floppy Hat Displays Firm Natural Breasts

Valerie Rae Studded NipplesSeems Valerie Rae is one of those can’t judge a book by its cover kind of girls. In a homespun lace blouse, cuttoff jeans shorts, and big country-style floppy hat, she looks like your typical girl next door. However, underneath that casual exterior lies a real hellfire – in both body and personality.

Take off that blouse and you catch her soft, all natural breasts accented with hard, steel studs. As for her personality …

When Canadian hottie Valerie Rae is looking for adventure, she boards a jet to Vegas with her sexy girlfriends. Valerie’s full-throttle lifestyle, complete with motorcycles and wild nights, is one sexy party that never stops …

See Valerie Rae bare her studded nipples

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