Elle Richie Drops her Spots Stays Sexy in Stockings

Elle Richie Brown Stockings and White GartersElle Richie is a blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty from the ancient city of Calne, England. But her looks are 100% modern. Posing in her bedroom in a leopard print dress; brown thigh-high stockings; and beige heels, she commences a slow striptease – revealing all-natural curves and a sexy white garter belt.

A little further up, Elle flashes tight black panties. Now, some might question mixing brown and black (if that’s the case, you’re at the wrong website), but throughly modern Elle doesn’t care. Sexy is as sexy does. And Elle definitely knows sexy.

Her dress finally falls away and we discover, Elle is not wearing a bra (of any color). Her soft breasts take center stage with her sexy nylons and related accouterments still making their sensual presence known.

Enjoy Elle Richie in brown stockings and white garters

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