Leanne Crow Plays with her Big Boobs and a Garden Hose

Leanne Crows Gets her Big Tits WetIt doesn’t take much for British bombshell Leanne Crow to bring out her humongous HH boobs. Today, a warm sun and waiting garden hose is all it takes.

The famous Page 3 girl wastes no time in getting her straining T-shirt soaking wet – making those massive breasts look ready to explode out of the flimsy cloth. Soon she pops her top entirely and lets the gushing stream of water splash all over her gigantic fleshy orbs.

With a wide grin, Leanne lets the last of the water droplets trickle down and dry off. This is one girl who definitely knows how to have fun in the sun.

See Leanne Crow soak her huge boobs

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